With a few clubs from Europe’s top leagues already preparing for competitive games as early as this week, it almost feels like an anti-climax to suggest that players returning for pre-season is a big deal, but for the majority of clubs in the Premier League, that process will begin next week. One of the truest signs that the new campaign is nearly upon us, Nike unveiling the 2015/16 Premier League ball joins that club as one of the things that should really get you thinking about the season ahead.

The ball to be played with in the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A across the 2015/16 season, the Nike Ordem 3 is the brand’s most advanced football ever. The updated and improved ball draws on 15 years experience to deliver on flight, consistent touch and maximum visibility.


Featuring Nike Aerowtrac, Nike’s pinnacle aerodynamic technology, the Ordem 3′s grooves are designed to provide an accurate and stable flight by helping to ensure a steady flow of air across the ball no matter what speed it’s moving at. Made up of 12 geometric panels, pressure is distributed evenly across the ball, giving it a consistent, accurate and powerful feel, while the first touch is optimised by a fuse-welded synthetic leather casing. That responsive and consistent first touch is combined with an explosive strike with a six-wing, carbon-latex air chamber to allow the Ordem 3 to accelerate off the foot at pace.


Always keeping an eye on faster, Nike have designed the Ordem 3 to keep pace and even facilitate the game’s evolution in speed, with the distinctive bold Visual Power Graphic that is printed across its 12 panels, which helps players catch sight of the ball quicker, facilitating rapid decision-making and instant reactions.

The Nike Ordem 3 will be played with in the Barclays Premier League from 6 August and will be available from from 1 July.