With the breaking news that Colombian superstar James Rodriguez has joined Real Madrid, we’ve taken a closer look at the incredible transfer and just how phenomenally significant a capture of this magnitude could be for a club on the precipice of global domination.

So what are the Five Things Real Madrid Can Expect From The Signing of James Rodriguez?

Real Madrid Can Expect a Player Nowhere Near His Peak

At 23 years-old, yes, 23 years old, James Rodriguez is years away from what would conventionally be considered his ‘peak,’ but he already seems to be a player established and mature enough to battle in any arena, on any night. With truly terrifying ball control and vision, coupled with an eye for goal unlike any other player we saw at the World Cup this summer, James Rodriguez could saunter into any squad in world football and should, realistically, still have a four year wait before truly reaching his full potential. An incredible thing to consider if you are a fan of the white side of Madrid.

Read Madrid Can Expect Great Goals

Mention of James Rodriguez’s eye for goal will not come as a shock to anybody who has followed the young Colombian’s career. From Colombian side Envigado, to Argentinians Banfield, on to Portuguese heavy-hitters Porto and then French big-spenders Monaco, James has left a fantastic goal-record in his dust. The World Cup Golden Boot winner is also renowned for the jaw-dropping execution of some of his more memorable goals, his stunner against Uruguay this summer being the one that will live longest in the memory. A player of such quality that clubs and fans can note the “volleyed finish” as a specialist skill is a thing of real terror and excitement, and that is exactly what Real Madrid have on their hands now. Poor guys.

Read Madrid Can Expect a Lot of Heart

Following a truly phenomenal World Cup, the footballing community was left stunned and running low on adjectives to describe James Rodriguez. Talent, speed, creativity and flair, these are all words perfectly suited to James, but one aspect of his game that in it’s own right trumps all others? His heart. With the Colombian national team riding on the crest of the wave this summer, a lot was expected of Rodriguez when hosts Brazil rocked up as quarter-final opponents, and he did not disappoint. A very physical affair, it seemed that the heavy-hitters of the Brazil team, David Luiz and Fernandinho the most prominent, targeted Rodriguez with kicks, chops and swipes, but he did not falter. Fouled six times during the quarterfinal clash, most players would take one of the two obvious courses of action when put in this situation – foul back or cower, James Rodriguez did neither, he just kept at it. The importance of a player of James’ ability having an equally formidable mental strength is what makes great players into legends.

Read Madrid Can Expect a Few More Shirt Sales

The most popular player of the 2014 World Cup, James Rodriguez has amassed more fans within the last five weeks than most players will hope to gain in a life-time. The South American star will wear the number 10 shirt at the Bernabeu next season and will have no trouble making the iconic number his own. With the already legendary numbers 7, 9 and 11 all filled by superstars in Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale, the set is nearly complete.

Read Madrid Can Expect Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale To Feel Less Pressure

As Real Madrid faltered in their quest to regain their La Liga crown last season, eyes naturally turned to the record breaking duo of Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale, as if two players could carry an entire team to glory. The new-age Galacticos had help from Karim Benzema, Angel di Maria and Sami Khedira, but James Rodriguez and Real’s other new signing Toni Kroos will share that burden as a mouth watering four-piece. The expectations for Madrid just got a lot higher, but the load being borne by Bale and Ronaldo just got a whole lot lighter.

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